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Working on making hand built flowers and more extruded pieces. Have some already glazed and fired cone 6. Now Have to get ready to assemble with the burn out pieces. Ordered and received the standoffs for more of the acrylic pieces like the geodes. Have to create the pieces for them. Working on my CV for class monday. Almost finished just have to put down all my exhibitions and such. To me everything seems to be in one big whirl wind. Too much to do and too little time to get it done. I am still trying to decide if I want a web site and if so what kind do I want. Finished our glaze tiles for class and just waiting for them to be fired. This coming week I am going to pull out the stinky quilt pieces I have been soaking for a couple of weeks and get them ready for a burn out fire. I am excited about these pieces because they are minature quilts that I have had for some time. I am in hopes that they will retain the quilting look that I have been wanting to achieve. Just hope I can get them fired before March 6 for my crit. Also this week I cam across a clay body for stone ware and porcelain cone 6. I am anxious to get some of this recipe made up and try it out. Wish me luck. I sure will be happy when it gets warmer and I can get out to the garage to work with my wheel. Well thats about all my poor brain will allow this week back to work on my CV

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This week I have been working on some more extruded pieces and making handbuilt flowers. I plan on using the flowers on the burnout pieces of doily that I have glazed and ready to enhance. In addition to working in the studio I have also been working on my thesis draft. Helped complete the test tiles for class and unloaded bisque kiln. Building the flowers has taken the most time because each petal has to be placed individually on the piece. I made roses, cala lillies and some leaves.  I have a lot to make so I think that is what I will focus on tomorrow. Yesterday I did a little shellac resist  and will finish sponging them tomorrow, then they will be ready to bisque.  I will have a pretty big cone 6 ready to go sometime this week.  Trying to figure out the layout for the quilt and doily pieces and designing a couple more plexaglas plaques like the geodes one. Made a cala lily cup that is ready to bisque and if it turns out the way I want I will probably take it to ENCECA next month. If it dosent turn out then I will work on one until I get one I like. I am getting excited about going to Seattle, I enjoyed the conference in Tampa a lot and I know this one will be great too. I am volunteering to help at the conference and that should prove interesting too.


2012-01-23 12.14.39

2012-01-23 12.14.39


Weekly Blog 2

This week I worked on my thesis outline and studied pics to use for my card. This week end I worked in the tudio making mugs and bowls and slab formed bowls and plates. These slab built items will be used in my shellac resist pieces. The mugs and bowls will be used in the glaze expierments and tests that we will be doing in class. Throwing wes not really that difficult this week I must not have any ill will against anyone rightnow.  LOL    O am going to do some extruding this week and enlarge my piece from the Senior show, Also I will be workng on some more of my nature influenced pieces that have been imporant to me through my entire study at IUS. The thing that I am concentrating on getting my thesis completed,  This is difficult because I do not like talikng about myself and the things that I do.  

This semester h…

This semester has really gone quickly. The last few weeks were really a challange to get through. It just seemed that everything was happening all at once. But the good thing is that I surbibed the craziness. I listened a lot to comments and suggestions that people gave me about my work and I believe that it helped greatly. It was fun working on our BFA show and creating a thing of beauty out of an ugly duckling. I was happy with the change in the extrusion piece and found that many people liked the instalation.  I plan on continuing the extrusions and perhaps taking the suggestion that they would look good installed on the wall as well as the floor. Cleaning up after the show I had a chance to reflect and felt a sense of acomplishment. Never in all my years did I ever imagine that I would be showing my art work in a public show. I had always dreamed that someday that would happen but figured that it would never happen.  I am attempting to become more adventurous and do things I have locked in my brain and can hardly wait until the next term begins. I plan on continuing my preserved fabric  like te quilts and doilies and work on some more embelished cups.  I also may encorporate textile art with the ceramics is some manner.  Since I am only doing the ceramics this term I will have more time to develope my ideas.  Had a great time this term and look forward to working with friends to create even a better show this spring.


Senior Show

Well we just completed the enior BFA show in New Albany, Great work by all 12 artists and a wonderful turn out. A lot of hard work getting the unused building ready for awsome work. Great turn out the evening of the show. I had many compliments on my extruded pieces, cups and geodes. Was not around the shark fin piece enough to hear any feedback. I felt good about the work that I displayed and enjoyed talking with people. The show came down a lot faster than it went up. Just a few more things to do, like take down the sign on the window, and it will be just a memory, a wonderful memory. Good job everyone..

November 15,2011

Getting very stressed at this time. Toooooooo much to acomplish and not enough time. Working on my burn out pieces. Filing out the openings to show the lacy look. Also working on some china painting that I plan on fireing sometime later this week. Can’t wait to see what they look like. If they turn out good then I will definitely attempt more. Extruded a few pieces yesterday. These are to add to the others that I already have. Registered for nceca this morning and renewed my membership. I am really looking forward to going again this year. Had a really good time last year and learned a lot. There are always beautiful work everywhere and you don’t know where to look first. Great work and the beautiful north west is a great combination.  Today I am going to try to get some pieces thrown for the sale and bazar at the legion. Want to work on Christmas gifts too. Again soooooo much to do and so little time to get it done.    Well off to work in the studio more later and I will have pics too

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