Well it has been 6 years since I posted on this blog.  I have finally decided to get back to doing this again.

Recently had a total knee replacement on my left knee.  The first couple of weeks was tough going and made me wish I didn’t have it done. With lots of exercise, rehab and walking I am finally on the right track to being pain free.  My main pain was and is with my hamstrings and sciatic nerve but that is getting better with time. Have been off major pain meds for 6 days now and that really feels good. My brain is starting to function almost normally or as normal as possible for me.  During this time I have done some knitting and now that weather is getting warmer plan on working on my ceramic pieces for my sales at festivals and on consignment.

Since I have been gone I have become a great grandmother times 2   A beautiful little girl who will be one in May, and a handsome boy who be one in December.  They are really a joy to watch their progress through life.

My youngest grandson  is becoming a wonderfully talented baseball player and artist.  He is my only leftie in the family besides me and so that makes him really special to me. We have a lot of fun doing artsy things together.

I have been knitting for the Kentucky State Fair entries and will start on my ceramic entries soon. I also enter the plants and flowers at the fair and work as an assistant superintendent in that department. It is a fun 10 days and I will be posting on those events in August.