nceca week

I will be sooooooooooo happy to get home. This grey wet depressing place is getting on my nerves big time. People are in a big hurry and will knock you down if they cant get past and no body knows where anything is located. nceca people are nice but they are as lost as I am. Things are so spread out and hidden around corners and down halls and around more corners it is frustrating. Getting ready to walk to the market and have some lunch and then try to go to the space needle and check that out.  I did get my sees candy and that soothed my troubled soul. I may just eat the whole box it is soooo goooooood.  The K-12 entries were absolutely wonderful and I wend to a talk on China Painting.  Got my brushes that I love so well. got 19 of them different sizes for 25 that is not bad. Got a China painting book and a cone six book. May get the furimsky video but it is kind of expensive like 68 dollars. Have to watch my budget because every time you turn around it’s another 10 or 20 for this or that. Thats all for now will up load some pics when I get back.

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