I have been trying for three days to get this on line.  I am having a great problem with getting pictures into the post. I know it is me so I will try again. This week I worked on making more extruded pieces for my show and making flowers for my new work. I have also been working on the glaze tests for class. I am excited about finding a couple of cone 6 clay bodies to try. One is a beautiful chocolate colored stone ware that I think would look really nice with a creamy slip decoration. The other is a porcelain.  I am anxious to try these out.  Also I am continuing with my asian flair pieces this one is a small very small dish with bamboo. I am finished with my thesis and am printing out as I work on this blog. Hope it all goes well.  Not much more to talk about but work work work. Looking forward to Seattle the end of this month.

Weekly Blog

Working on making hand built flowers and more extruded pieces. Have some already glazed and fired cone 6. Now Have to get ready to assemble with the burn out pieces. Ordered and received the standoffs for more of the acrylic pieces like the geodes. Have to create the pieces for them. Working on my CV for class monday. Almost finished just have to put down all my exhibitions and such. To me everything seems to be in one big whirl wind. Too much to do and too little time to get it done. I am still trying to decide if I want a web site and if so what kind do I want. Finished our glaze tiles for class and just waiting for them to be fired. This coming week I am going to pull out the stinky quilt pieces I have been soaking for a couple of weeks and get them ready for a burn out fire. I am excited about these pieces because they are minature quilts that I have had for some time. I am in hopes that they will retain the quilting look that I have been wanting to achieve. Just hope I can get them fired before March 6 for my crit. Also this week I cam across a clay body for stone ware and porcelain cone 6. I am anxious to get some of this recipe made up and try it out. Wish me luck. I sure will be happy when it gets warmer and I can get out to the garage to work with my wheel. Well thats about all my poor brain will allow this week back to work on my CV