Weekly post #3

Finally got some pics of my work in progress. This week I have been studying books and recipes for a glaze for my shark fins, I have tested three different things so far. One is a cone 10 glaze tea dust fired to cone 6 which gives a creamy color that I am looking for. Another is yellow ochre stain that is not the color I want. It is too orange or rusty looking for what I need and the third is under glazes of yellow and white and then sponged off the piece. The under glaze looks good but I think that I am going to test the tea dust over the under glazed piece to see if that is what I am looking for.  I have been working on making the shark    

fins and have several in a bisque fire and several that have completed the bisque. I plan on making a basket of fins similar to how they sell them on the Asian market and a rack of fins drying similar to the way they are dried on the rooftops. I have also created a large bowl out of a fin, a slap at the shark fin soup.   In addition to this I have also been working on my cups, H have just gotten three cups out of the bisque this week and now need to under glaze them and glaze them. These cups are the rose, holly and lizard cup.


I am continuing my extruded pieces which will be an ongoing thing until the end of the year at least.

Blog 2

This week I worked on my shark fins and a stand to support one of the bowls. I also extruded some pieces and made some containers. I also worked on making some of my cups with flowers. I did a holly cup, a rose cup and one with a lizard. I also have flowers made for daisy, carnation and a daffodil cup I am also testing stains and possibly some glazes for my shark fins. In my spare time I helped with the installation in the Gallery. Now just to get all of these ideas completed.

Blog 1

Have been working on comissions and on shark fins for this semesters project. I have the fins in the bisque and will start work on the bamboo stands ( If I cannot find any pre made ones)  Making bowls out of the fins will make a statement about shark fin soup and the mass killing of sharks for their fins. There is a movement  to ban the sale of shark fin soup on the west coast of the US.  In addition to this project I plan on continuing my extruded work . I have had several people interested in some of my extruded work and my slab built containers. This is an advancement in my work and encourages me to work harder and improve my work.