April 20

Have had a really busy two weeks. Studying for final in Art HIstory and working in the ceramics department preparing for the Open HOuse. Finished two cone 6 fires with some nice results. Cleaned my studio and prepared food for the open house. The semester is almost over and we still have one more crit to go through this next week, Then we get to start the summer sessions. Cant wait.  The third open house was a great hit as usual. Lots of art, people and food.
All of our work paid off. And the Doodle Fest was the hit of the evening.


Tea bowls and cups in my          Extruded garden        Decal plate and tea bowl



Place setting for La Mesa                                      Something is suspucious here

BFA crit

I had my BFA crit on thursday. It was helpful to have comments and suggestions as to what direction I need to go in my work. I really need to stretch myself a lot more in the extruded pieces. There was good feedback from the crocheted pieces that were slip soaked doilies and some felt that I need to continue some of this work and attempte differenc ways of displaying the pieces. Now that I have had some education on slip soaked fabric I can pursue this work in a more productive manner.

The extruded pieces need to be pushed to new levels in size and design. Perhaps with the addition of more texture, exhaggerated shapes, larger sizes and smaller sizes, different thicknesses of pieces and introduction of different colors and textures of glazes. I will study this over the summer and perhaps add some hand built pieces in order to get the larger pieces suggested. I already have been brain storming about it and how I will proceed with some of this work. Perhaps some interlocking pieces to gain more height with the pieces.

I plan also on continuing on my series of cups with different leaf and plant life emblishments. This in keeping with my interest in nature and horticultural influence in my work.

Back from nceca

Had a wonderful time at nceca. Learned a lot and saw a lot of great ceramic pieces.

A couple of the lectures I attended were on slip soaking fabrics and china painting on clay. Having tried some slip soaked fabric pieces recently, I learned that I need to soak the fabric for about 2 weeks before firing the burn out. This allows the fabric to become completely soaked and begin to rot and become one with the slip. If the item is not allowed to soak up the slip it becomes very brittle and cracks easily ( which has been the case with some of my pieces). The lecture on china painting was also very enlightening. Having painted china in the past I still have some of the paints in my possession and found out they do not deteriorate with time. I also learned that just about any oil medium can be used to mix the paints and to paint with. Some artists even use water. Using water dosent allow the movement of the paint around the piece as much as the oil medium. Also the paint dries harder with the water than with the oil mixture. Looking forward to expiermenting with this process in the near future. I had a crit with Julia Galloway while at the conference and she was very encouraging and helpful with paths I should take in my work. She felt that surface emblishment was one way that I should proceed. Met up with some of the artists that have presented workshops at IUS. Amazed that they remembered me. Terri Frame was performing her mask demos and Isrial Davis was also putting on demostrations in his booth. Some other installations that I enjoyed was the Emerald muscle and Florida grass one that was drawing attention to invasive species around the world. The emerald muscle is an invasive sealife from China that is invading Florida and the Florida grass seems to be invading China. I guess a sort of trade off of sorts. It shows how invasive species can affect the entire world