March 19, 2011

This week I worked on finishing up glazing some of my projects. Finished a cone 6 fire and assembled part of my extruded project. This projects will be a ongiong project adding pieces as time goes on. I have introduced different shapes and colors into the mix to add interest and to make it feel more like a garden with different plantings. We also did a burn out fire of my quilt and some crochet pieces. Yesterday I glazed them and have them ready for another cone 6. Tried some new glazes and really liked them. Tiger eye, stone washed denim and Sahara white sand. Really like those colors along with the Wedgwood blue. Mixed six glazes yesterday, two cone ten Jeff’s Longbeach Blue and Iron Saturate, the rest cone 6 Licorice, raspberry, clear, and a new one called Caribbean Sea  which recall sounds pretty. I put it on several pieces both stoneware and porcelain. Glazed my teapot and hope it turns out really nice. Found something that I can be passionate about. Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese way of life appreciating the simple imperfect things in life. It is centered around the tea ceremony and gives a centered, peaceful feeling to life. That is something I could really use right now.  I plan on creating some teabowls and tea sets with the Wabi-Sabi influence.

         This is the tea bowl with the  Sahara White Sand, Stonewashed Denim and Wedgwood Blue Glaze.

  Burn out of antique quilt with variety of glazes.

  Extruded Pieces more to come

  Lidded jar, Tigers Eye and raspberry Glaze

Small Bowl with Wedgwood Blue and Tigers Eye Glaze

This week we learned to make lids for our containers. It was easier than I thought. Just have to remember to measure the lid and the opening of the jar. Worked on a couple of cups that I may take to nceca for the sale. Tried the burnout for the fabric pieces and had to shut down because of the smoke. We will try again later with smaller loads. Made some more extruded pieces for my installation. Will get them glazed and fired this week. Time is really passing tooooooo quickly.My next big project is to make about 75 or 100 cups or shot glasses as souviners for my daughters graduation. I always let everything overload my ability. But I will try. Did get a few pieces in the electric kiln for my crit. Hope they turn out ok.