Week 3


This   week I worked on glazing some of the pots and cups that I had made in the past couple of weeks. I also prepared my extruded pieces to be glazed. I will get this done this week. Also this week I practiced on making cups and pulling handles for mugs. I think that I have thrown about 7 or 8 so far. Still need a lot of practice.  some of the porcelain pieces I threw I used the shellac resist technique. The opening in the gallery thursday evening was great. Had a good turn out and a lot of good food.  This coming week I plan on getting a cone 6 fire started and working on my extruded pieces and cups.  Also will be mixing some glazes for some different effects.  Still working with some of the clays we made at the beginning of the term.



This week was really hectic, snow messed up everything. We worked for a couple weeks getting the gallery show just to have the opening delayed because of snow. In addition I started working on my extruded pieces for my project and continued to practice on throwing cylinders. Some good and some not so good. I am also planning on what kind of cup that I want to take to the conference in april. I am thinking that I will do something similar to the quilted cups that I mads last semester. or maybe a shelac resist piece. Only time will tell. which ever turns out best is what I will take with me. Began trying some of the other clays that were made for trial work. Have to dry some out because they were a little too wet for me. I am still impressed with the long porcelain that Merianda and I made up. Like working with butter so nice and workable.  Also I have been working on creating containers for gifts for the Daffodil Show in April.

I will miss the show since I will be in Florida but the containers will make great gifts for the winners of the big awards. Also I will make some as gifts for the judges of the show. Lots of work to get done in the next 6 weeks. Wanted to work this week end but the weather was too cold for me to get out especially when I think of how cold the studio will be.


First blog of the term

This has been a very busy week for me and the rest of the ceramic class.  New challanges this year and lots of new ideas on the schedule.  I am excited about expeirmenting with new glaze recipes. We started out making some new clay recipes to try.  My partner Miranda and I made the John Long porcelain and boy is it nice.  Really easy to work with. I also s

threw with some of the Kristie’s recipe that I had left from last term. In addition to the throwing we were treated to som great ceramic artists from South Carolina. Valerie Zimany and her husband Dan gave a power point artist lecture on thier work on Thursday evening and then today I helped with the installation of thir collabriative instalation in the gallery. It is really cool.  Amazing to  see what can be done with found objects. 

I have workd some on my throwing  of cylindars and some are good and some not so good.  I am looking forward to trying the other clays that the rest of the class have made up and perfecting my throwing techniques.  I also have been working on my sketches for my multiples project. One will be done with the extruder and the other will be pieces dipped in slip and fired. 


first blog

Here we go again. Not only for this class but for art history too. Gee I sure do love blogging. I just dont know what to say not to be boring. Also I just dont like talking about myself and what I do. Sooooooooo it is very difficult for me to come up with anything to talk about. Glad to be back at school and had an interesting time making clay on Monday. The porcelain we made turned out to be very nice consistency and hope that it works well for us.Wanted to try it out today but the snow put a halt to that. Hope it is open tomorrow so I can play in the clay.