The Final Blog how sad

The term has pased so quickly and I have so much that I need and want to do.  I feel that I had a good term this fall. I worked on two series that have proved beneficial to my work. The quilted comforts series is leading me in the direction of preserving old quilt blocks. 

   I dipped the block in slip and fired it. Then I added color to them with underglazes and then fired with a clear glaze. I lived on the edge by doing a cone 6 fire and was pleased with the way that the block melted and softened the hard edeges. Also the glaze caused transparent areas where the block was thin in the begining.  I also learned that I do not want to tontinue the tile blocks unless I am needing a table top or tray. I plan on continuing the slip technique next semester. The other series was called “contained” and I attempted to make containers for flowers and plants to be used in flower shows and displays. During my BFA critique I got a lot of feedback about this series. Suggestions were that I continue the multi container piece and go in different directions with these pieces.  This particular piece was influenced by Chahuly glass installations at Cheekwood Gardens. Plans for this is to create an installation on the floor of many of these extruded pieces creating a garden effect. I have been doing a lot of thinking about how I can go with this and have a couple of ideas.  I was happy to finally have someone start to take me serious.   I came here to learn and feel that sometimes I have been thought of as just an older person with trying to find something to do.  That is not the case and want and need constructive criticism wether good or bad. All is good if it is constructive and helps me to learn.  I feel that my critique in the BFA and in class was very helpful and I appreciate all suggestions and ideas. Another area that I explored this term was cone 6 glazes. Some have been good results and some have been not so good.  I will continue to search for a breaking glaze that I like to use on my shelac resist pieces.  One glaze that has proved to be interesting is the Wolf’s Plum. I didnt expect it to work well with the resist technique. Happily this is a glaze that eventhough semi opaque it still showed the raised areas of the piece.                                                                                
I am looking forward to next term and expanding my knowledge and expirerence. I also had a good crit with Kris Gray a visiting artist from Ohio. Watch out for the extruder because I will be keeping it busy next term.

how sad the semester is over

Had my BFA crit last night.   Very enlightening.  I am encouraged with the feedback and am going to travel down a new exciting path.  Watch out for next semester I am going to work, work, work.   More later this week end with pics of my show.