weekly blog

Got some nie cone 6 items out of the kiln this week. worked on some more shelac resist items made some ornaments for the sale. These items are ready for bisque fire. Plan on selling them at the art sale in November.  This past week end I started some container designs. I plan on doing a series of different containers for artistic flower designs in my garden club and plant societies. Tried to clean up my space a little because I am running out of room to work. This coming week I plan on laying out another quilt design for my fabric of my life series. Did an antique quilt piece with slip. Hope it fires well also under glazed my cathedral window block. It is really fragile. Hope it holds up for two more firings. I plan on placing it in a frame.  Too many ideas and too little time. No pics this week I forgot my cable for my phone. Will get pics into my next blog. So I will sign off and go take some pics of what I have accomplished.

Weekly Blog

This week has been a whirl wind of activity for me. I am continuing to learn new things every day and the more I learn the more I want to know. The Raku extravaganza was great fun and awsome. I only had one new piece to fire but I used new glazes that Troy brought in. It turned out ok. I liked the irridescence that these glazes had. We refired my bowl without much improvement on the bubbling effect of the plum glaze.  Bisque fired my quilt piece and am ready to underglaze it for the next step.  Had a new idea on how to use quilt blocks. Cut the squares and mark them like they are pieced and quilted then make them into drinking vessels. plates and bowls. Still working on the slip soaked quilt idea and will probably get that done this next week.  Bisaque firing the tree of life for Pako’s celebration of the Day of the Dead.  We are running a test on the underglazes and how they are affected in the gas kiln. Step one is complete, the tiles have been painted and identified and are waiting for bisque.  Created some more test tiles for future colors.  Loaded a cone 6 glaze fire and waiting for it to cool. May go out in a few minutes and check on it. It was 700 at 2:30 this afternoon. Yep thats what I am going to do. I will finish this when I get back.  Well I am back and a happy camper. Got the pieces out and tried the etching on the black on and am happy with the way it works.  Now on to better pieces with this technique.  Love the purple glaze. It is the cone 10 purple haze glaze I mixed up last semester and just wanted to give it a try.  I like it with the black.     Some of the pieces I am going to do some more work on and probably re glaze a few of them.  Tried the quilt block tumblers. Think I made the slab too thin. Will work more on that too.

I think that will just about do it for this week.