Today I had my critique on my work and progress so far this year.  Items that I presented were three objects using shelac resist technique. After having read articles and viewed websites on this technique I am attempting to achieve the multiple layer emblishment on a vase. Feed back on this piece was that they liked having the sketch marks on the piece and suggested using a glaze or underglaze pencil to keep these markings to enhance the design. This is something that I will attempt on future pieces. My major project this year is the preservation of old quilts with ceramic material and create “clay quilts” using different techniques. I have expiermented with using slip to soak the item and then bisque fire the piece.  I plan to use under glazes to re create the fabric designs in the block. Another object will be an old well loved quilt that was made by my grandmother and is now tattered and torn to many pieces.  I have enough pieces to do several ideas with them.  I also plan on making quilt blocks and assembling them into a quilt. I plan on using different quilting techniques in making these blocks. Ashley suggested using the sheets of clay that can be shaped into any shape or cut into shapes desired. I am going to look into this product. In general the feed back was positive and very helpful to me. Suggestions gave me more ideas on how to approach this series.

Weekly blog

This week we fired the gas kiln, and the raku kiln. We had a great time doing the raku fire. I had two pieces . This was mainly an expierment to see how the glazes worked and learn the timing of the fireing.  I also worked on my quilt project. Some  slip soaked lace and quilt block went into the bisque fire . I also threw several pots and pouring bowls for the sale in November.  Worked on the tree of life for Packo’s Day of the Dead celebration. Will work more this week for the emblishments to go on the tree. Generally it was a good week except for the allergies from the smoke of the raku fire. I think I inhaled enough smoke to equal about 5 million cigarettes. LOL   Zyrtec did the trick at getting me cleared up.  This week I plan on getting my cone 6 glazes done so that I can get my pieces done that I already have bisqued.

Weekly blog

This week I came up with a theme for my work this semester. I am going to do clay quilts. Different quilt patterns done in clay. Some individually some done as blocks and assembled as a quilt. I also have some old old quilts that have been loved very much. So much they are in pieces. I plan on dipping them in slip and then emblishing them with laces and fabrics also dipped in slip and maybe even a photo or two. I have started on the re-creation of my Zennia wall hanging that I did for my drawing class. I feel that it is coming along nicely and have many ideas for other pieces in my series. Wish me luck.

We worked on the glaze room today and reorganized the glaze ingredients and moved some things around. We cleared out a bottom cabinet where we can store the glaze seive and bowls and other glaze making items. This will keep things organized well enough so we can find them, now the monkey is on everyones back to keep it clean or endure the WRATH OF SUE  ooooooooooooo.

This thing is racks, started organizing the glaze room and worked on some new pieces for my shellac resist project. One bowl has a celtic border, one is a flower-pot with different designs around the top and the third is a oriental style footed plate with a chrysanthemum on it. This piece will take several coats of shellac and several wipe downs with the sponge. This piece will be glazed in black and the embossed area will be etched with a new technique presented in Ceramic magazine. The etching method is supposed to make the glaze a frosted or matt effect with the high gloss glaze.  There are a couple of other techniques in the magazine that sound interesting to try . Since this week was a short one with the holiday there is not much else to talk about this time around. I have also been working on making some toad houses for the ceramic sale in November.

Week 2

This week I worked on throwing and hand building some items for my shelac resist project. Yesterday encountered the great porcelain making event. After about 3 hours we came up with some pretty nice porcelain. Johnathan did most of the work and I helped wehre I could. After emptying the mixer three times we achieved our goal and now have some nice porcelain to work with. This week end I plan on working on getting the shelac on my pieces and allowing that to dry. This process is a time consuming process as each step has to completely dry before the next step can be started. NOw I am getting ready to go to the gallery opening at the Ogle center. Really cool installation going to be revealed tonight. Then printing class. Lets see what I can screw up there tonight.  The picture is a collabration of Brian Harper and myself. It is part of his extruder demo and I was rewarded wit the piece. This will make a really cool container for flower design. I added a few openings and a bottom so the water will stay in, just waiting for clay to dry. A little like watching paint dry. It is going to be really cool when it is done.