Well it has been 6 years since I posted on this blog.  I have finally decided to get back to doing this again.

Recently had a total knee replacement on my left knee.  The first couple of weeks was tough going and made me wish I didn’t have it done. With lots of exercise, rehab and walking I am finally on the right track to being pain free.  My main pain was and is with my hamstrings and sciatic nerve but that is getting better with time. Have been off major pain meds for 6 days now and that really feels good. My brain is starting to function almost normally or as normal as possible for me.  During this time I have done some knitting and now that weather is getting warmer plan on working on my ceramic pieces for my sales at festivals and on consignment.

Since I have been gone I have become a great grandmother times 2   A beautiful little girl who will be one in May, and a handsome boy who be one in December.  They are really a joy to watch their progress through life.

My youngest grandson  is becoming a wonderfully talented baseball player and artist.  He is my only leftie in the family besides me and so that makes him really special to me. We have a lot of fun doing artsy things together.

I have been knitting for the Kentucky State Fair entries and will start on my ceramic entries soon. I also enter the plants and flowers at the fair and work as an assistant superintendent in that department. It is a fun 10 days and I will be posting on those events in August.



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One great time at nceca. Learned a lot and saw some beautiful work by some great people. Worked in the k-12 show and this work was amazing. The rain was depressing but all in all it was a good time. Checked in at the Brick Factory booth and took a glaze test (check out the bright orange nails in the pic. Also posed with the clay head. Kind of heavy but fun. Of course went to the marked where they toss the fish but no fish tossing while I was there. Very interesting. Image  

nceca week

I will be sooooooooooo happy to get home. This grey wet depressing place is getting on my nerves big time. People are in a big hurry and will knock you down if they cant get past and no body knows where anything is located. nceca people are nice but they are as lost as I am. Things are so spread out and hidden around corners and down halls and around more corners it is frustrating. Getting ready to walk to the market and have some lunch and then try to go to the space needle and check that out.  I did get my sees candy and that soothed my troubled soul. I may just eat the whole box it is soooo goooooood.  The K-12 entries were absolutely wonderful and I wend to a talk on China Painting.  Got my brushes that I love so well. got 19 of them different sizes for 25 that is not bad. Got a China painting book and a cone six book. May get the furimsky video but it is kind of expensive like 68 dollars. Have to watch my budget because every time you turn around it’s another 10 or 20 for this or that. Thats all for now will up load some pics when I get back.

weekly blog

This week we did the burnout fire of the doilies and quilts.  Just as I figured I lost quite a few pieces because of the strength of the slip not being strong enough. I am going to research to see if I can find a stronger slip.  As long as the pieces are overlapped and not too large everything seems to be ok. It is when I try to stretch the pieces out they become very weak and sunstable. . The pieces that didnt break were put into the glaze fire and they seem to be fine. Still a lot more work to do on this project. Lots of flowers still to make and so little time to ger it done.  Its almost over. I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. Will work on getting some more flowers made today and try to get a cup done for the nceca show.     

Weekly Blog

Worked on BFA card for my show. I think that I have it finished and ready to go to the printer. Did two cone six fires over the week end and am generally pleased with the out come.  This week I will be working on making a lot of flowers for my installation and loading the burnout fire of my doilies. I have some very pretty ones and hope they hold up in the fire. I know that the mini quilts will be ok but the lacy doilies are delicate and fragile even after the bisque. Once the glaze is on them they become more sturdy and able to be handled a little easier.  I am not known for being gentle with delicate things so this is a challange in itself. The lichen glaze produced the effect that I want for some of my extruded pieces so this week I will proceed with getting the glaze on them.  Glaze test tiles came out nice in cone 10 but the cone 6 ones are very opaque and satiny.  I need to adjust them for the cone six and do a refire on them. Only about six weeks until the final show as a student. Have mixed emotions about that. I dont want to grow up, I have too much fun with everyone at IUS.  I am still having trouble uploading pictures to this site. I know its me but that dosent make it less agrivating.


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Gee its too late for snow. Love the snow but hate the timing. Worked this week end on my card for my senior show. Debating on which one to use and also thinking about another pic that I havent gotten to yet. Also finally got out to school to trim my pots and plate that I made on thursday. Friday kind of put everything on hold. I am blessed that everyone is ok and I only lost a little fence. That has been repaired and the tree of my neighbors is now back in his yard where it belonged in the first place. This coming week I plan to get all of my bisque pieces glazed and ready for cone 6 also today I need to finish up my presentation for my crit tomorrow. Things are jus going too fast for me. I tried to upload pics of my cards but they are a file that is not allowed by word press.

I have been trying for three days to get this on line.  I am having a great problem with getting pictures into the post. I know it is me so I will try again. This week I worked on making more extruded pieces for my show and making flowers for my new work. I have also been working on the glaze tests for class. I am excited about finding a couple of cone 6 clay bodies to try. One is a beautiful chocolate colored stone ware that I think would look really nice with a creamy slip decoration. The other is a porcelain.  I am anxious to try these out.  Also I am continuing with my asian flair pieces this one is a small very small dish with bamboo. I am finished with my thesis and am printing out as I work on this blog. Hope it all goes well.  Not much more to talk about but work work work. Looking forward to Seattle the end of this month.

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Working on making hand built flowers and more extruded pieces. Have some already glazed and fired cone 6. Now Have to get ready to assemble with the burn out pieces. Ordered and received the standoffs for more of the acrylic pieces like the geodes. Have to create the pieces for them. Working on my CV for class monday. Almost finished just have to put down all my exhibitions and such. To me everything seems to be in one big whirl wind. Too much to do and too little time to get it done. I am still trying to decide if I want a web site and if so what kind do I want. Finished our glaze tiles for class and just waiting for them to be fired. This coming week I am going to pull out the stinky quilt pieces I have been soaking for a couple of weeks and get them ready for a burn out fire. I am excited about these pieces because they are minature quilts that I have had for some time. I am in hopes that they will retain the quilting look that I have been wanting to achieve. Just hope I can get them fired before March 6 for my crit. Also this week I cam across a clay body for stone ware and porcelain cone 6. I am anxious to get some of this recipe made up and try it out. Wish me luck. I sure will be happy when it gets warmer and I can get out to the garage to work with my wheel. Well thats about all my poor brain will allow this week back to work on my CV

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This week I have been working on some more extruded pieces and making handbuilt flowers. I plan on using the flowers on the burnout pieces of doily that I have glazed and ready to enhance. In addition to working in the studio I have also been working on my thesis draft. Helped complete the test tiles for class and unloaded bisque kiln. Building the flowers has taken the most time because each petal has to be placed individually on the piece. I made roses, cala lillies and some leaves.  I have a lot to make so I think that is what I will focus on tomorrow. Yesterday I did a little shellac resist  and will finish sponging them tomorrow, then they will be ready to bisque.  I will have a pretty big cone 6 ready to go sometime this week.  Trying to figure out the layout for the quilt and doily pieces and designing a couple more plexaglas plaques like the geodes one. Made a cala lily cup that is ready to bisque and if it turns out the way I want I will probably take it to ENCECA next month. If it dosent turn out then I will work on one until I get one I like. I am getting excited about going to Seattle, I enjoyed the conference in Tampa a lot and I know this one will be great too. I am volunteering to help at the conference and that should prove interesting too.


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2012-01-23 12.14.39


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